Carole King wrote this one and I tried my best. Jim and I recorded it and he played slide guitar on too. I must have a high opinion of myself to even attempt one of her songs. You be the judge of the result in the comments please. Myself, I like this weird version, my apologies to Ms. King of course.

This was part of a limited edition compilation for the label I used to be on (before they went under).

Gradually I am working my way up to starting to post songs from my 2005 CD, Inventory. Why am I stalling? No clue. This better be worth the wait Roff.

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Scout said...

Dude. Very nice. I guess that high opinion of yourself was justified.

And I don't mind your stalling on the lead-up to Inventory. I own edition #95 (of 1000) of that awesome album. Take all the time you need if it means more Bonus Tracks.

Got any Neil Diamond covers? Sweet Caroline?