Djim Reynolds and I worked on and completed an album for the 2007 RPM Challenge. Challenge was to make a record in 1 month, February 2007. We did it as Thee Elementals and called the album, The Slippery Slope. The surprise to me is that it so completely stuck in my head. It was exciting and enjoyable in a way that felt different from what we had done before. We will be releasing some version of the record at some point in some form of some future. But what I want to share with you now is two songs from the record as it exists today.

Renewal By Razor:
What do you do when you need a fresh start? Shave your face man, that might do it.

Sometimes you feel like showering the lawn with gas just to see if anything can grow. And if anything can grow, what sort of poisonous weed will it be?

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scout said...

You're back!

Thanks for the new tunes. Would love to see these released in some form sometime.

Thanks for doing what you do, Brian Michael Roff. You are the one you are.