A Penny is Not Enough

I'm not sure. I once wrote, somewhere, that this was the most positive song I was capable of writing. What does that say? A morbid sort of confidence emerges here. I will not leave behind a legacy of unopened letters, boxes of shit, problems in my name. Really Brian? Take a look in my basement and you'll see I am all talk. But still, this is a song of understanding. I'm working through it casually - lazily even - I am bumping against my mortality here.

The highlight of the recording is the timid vocals, percolating up in this mix, by my friend Jennifer Arbour. I recall the recording of this number. It was in an attic apartment. Jennifer sat on a stool when she cut this track.

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jennifer may arbour said...

hi hi jennifer arbour here! ahh yes..i remember when were practicing that song at my apt in beverly and my neighbor starting yelling at her teenage daughter. i had to close my living room window which didn't do much. recording in the quiet attic living room of bmr's and jw's apt was so great. viva la penny!