What Have We Done?

Some would call this song plaintive. The Roland "flute" sound weeps and coos. My banjo playing has never been more rickety but it has a fitting clunk. I am often left thinking this way. Oh, what have I done. Can I do it over? It all happened SO FAST.

This was written while sitting day after day painting bunny rabbits for a small pottery company in Concord MA. They called it production work - I called it slavery. It was where I came up with the idea of living in Misery, Massachusetts. This was it. But at this job my savior was the radio. I listened all day long. One of my escapes was Jammin 94.5, Boston's home for today's hottest R&B and Hip Hop. That era of hip hop was a fine vintage. Eve, DMX, Aaliyah, Missy, TLC and others. I was so into this station except when the slow jams were played. Which is why, in the original lyrics for this song, there was the line:

"It's not like those programs, the ones with slow jams"

Because to me that was the one of worst things - to have to listen to a slow jam while working in Misery Massachusetts.

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jason said...

This is one of my favorites. The music and sentiment are perfectly paired. The regret and despair in this song are palpable. What can I say? This song speaks to me.