You Dented Your Heart...

Ah, the chugga chugga. I relied on the chugga chugga a bunch on this record. In my head it was about urgency...maybe? But further back there I always saw it as an homage to PJ Harvey and her much more accomplished chugging guitar. No matter - a device is a device and that is one I like to revisit from time to time. This song was actually written for my prior band but not like this. In fact this song may have been the nail in our coffin because we started our indefinite hiatus around the time I brought it to rehearsal. This is a very playful opener. Wordplay, voiceplay and playing with the Roland Juno.

Truly obfuscatory lyrics, which was the style back in 2000. I was starting to turn away from lack of defined content but was not fully there. It felt like a good light way to open the record. Even as things are being "built with weeds, folk medicine beads", there are bits of honesty here. Hopeful, I mean we all hope our records will show that we tried.

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