Do Not Own It

There are things in the world that you should not own. Then there are things you wish you did not. This type of owning was something I never had a concept of until working a real job. One day, I heard someone say they owned an issue. I liked that - it sounded strong. That declaration held power. This is useful to me outside of work. I started thinking maybe you want to own, but you can't. Yes, there are the material objects that might be financially unattainable, but what about the more abstract things that will remain out of reach. In many ways we are born into what we become, for better or worse. So there are feelings you rent - you try them out. There are situations you never own, so you never turn down that street. I called them out into the daylight to make it feel small. I yelled out their name to let them know I was on to them. It did not make me feel any better.

I do not own this ball of wire, I just held it for a while

TW played "piano" on this and I also recall sitting on a guest bed trying to figure out a bass part for this. It was a little brainstorming session that yielded a really special bass line. Moments like that make "A Sweet Science" unique in my memory.

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tww said...

this was a strange period in my life. i was out of work and i would walk down the street to jason's mildewy garage every day to try and work on music, trying not to think about my future or past. i was a new father and homeowner and freshly laid off!

for some of these songs i seem to remember setting up the analog 8 track and recording drums and guitar live. it was quite antithetical to my working method at the time...the recording was a lot looser and more "improvised" than i was used to. i think the tracks had a cool energy to them because of this.

we went back and did all the overdubs in the computer. i don't remember if i played bass or brian did. it kinda sounds like me.

the piano doesn't sound half bad, but it's fake. i think the mix is nice. listening back now, i see how it could be the "start of something" as far as BMR's solo sound.